Located at the base of an ancient Volcano in Summerland BC, Detonate Brewing Company is passionate about creating, small-batch, craft beer. 

Detonate Brewing Company started with very much a Frankenbrew System. Which, owner, Brewmaster and Civil Engineer, Nathan Rosin, discovered midway through piecing the breweries system together. The Detonate system started with milk tanks that served previous lives in dairy farms etc and vessels that were custom-built for other applications, never used and now re-purposed for use in the brewery.

The vast majority of the equipment has been re-purposed and saved from certain doom, to now live out its life making people happy by creating beer. And hey, as an added perk, reusing old equipment is far more environmentally friendly than going out and purchasing brand new equipment.

"While our brewery does not have all the shiny "state of the art" equipment, manufactured in some distant Bavarian land, we have everything required to manufacture great quality beer. No knock on the Bavarian equipment, it some of the best available, but it also leaves a large $$$$ dagger hanging over the brewery's head as soon as they open their doors unless they have DEEP pockets, to begin with.


While their equipment will produce higher efficiency in the brewing process, lessening the amount of grain, time, work, headache etc required to produce a batch of beer, things that can still be overcome with less expensive equipment. As long as various items are addressed while building the system, a lot less expensive solution can be built while recognizing the limitations of the system.


Some people might think that I am crazy but I believe that a small brewery can start up with small initial capital and still become profitable. I am just not willing to accept that to start a 7BBL brewery you need $500k to $1Mill plus. To me, that just sounds like just falling right back into the corporate grasp, and that is not what craft brewing is to Detonate.


A little ingenuity and sweat equity, okay a lot of both, and you can make something great out of very little", Nathan will modestly tell you if you nudge him a little.

"It only takes a spark of curiosity to

ignite the fuse that DETONATES your passion"